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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Its  a significant year for me ... why ? fuhhh, soalan bagus tu..I ,  I mean we, had to move to a new place , kids had to move to a new school , and we had to leave all our good friends back in Muar.At the age of 40 , to start something anew is a big challenge for me.
      And I pray to Allah to grant me the strength to carrry out what I'm destined to do on good faith and in good health.
Home stuff , checked.Kids school stuff , checked.Maids permit , checked.Reporting duty , done.Gynaeoncology stuff , as it comes.
Quitting day 1 so far so good ,..( err , not so good laa actually , almost gave in but had my strength to counter it ) ,.. thanks Jean for the support , truly appreciate your sincere thoughts and words.